A Fully Managed Web-based Remote Access VPN Service For Small And Medium Businesses

Site to Site VPN for small businesses that takes the stress out of setting up and managing branch office connectionsFast. Simple. Secure
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The Best Site To Site VPN To Connect Remote Networks Together

Whether you have dozens of users in a remote office, just one working from home, or a handful of servers in a remote datacenter, AccessAnywhere can deploy a Site to Site VPN to connect your geographically dispersed users and networks together into one unified secure network.

Free Plug-and-Play VPN Router For Each Branch Office

AccessAnywhere provides a free, state-of-the-art, Site to Site VPN router for each of your branch offices. Unlike complicated VPN devices and VPN solutions that require network downtime or replacement of exisitng network equipment, the AccessAnywhere VPN routers connect to the existing office LAN, and requirie no technical skill to setup since they arrive completely pre-configured.

All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. Our VPN experts take care of the rest, including all the VPN setup, configuration and monitoring of yor VPN tunnels.

Direct Site To Site Encrypted Tunnels

Unlike "cloud" services, AccessAnywhere's Site to Site VPN tunnels do not require that your network traffic be routed through a centralized, shared "hub" service point.

With AccessAnywhere, the dedicated Site to Site VPN routers on your network connect directly to each other, using the shortest possible path, and that means better performance, increased privacy, and improved productivity for users.

No VPN Software Required For Users

With a Site to Site VPN, the networks at each office are joined togther 7x24x365, so users do not need to install any VPN software at all. They will have access to remote servers and data just as if they were local to them.

Access Office Files

Directly access shared folders and files on office computers or NAS storage servers. Work directly on MS-Office files and more, as if they were local to your PC. Network drive mappings created in the office, work without change when connected to the VPN.

Multi-User File Sharing

Easily share files, like an ACT! or QuickBooks - simultaneously with other remote users, without locking up an office desktop.


Multi-User Remote Access To Office Computers

Provide multiple users with concurrent remote control access to office computers, just like they were there, but in the privacy of their own sessions that won't interfere with each other.

Secure Remote Workers Wi-Fi HotSpot Usage

Prevent hacker attacks and privacy breaches when employees use open wireless hotspots by encrypting all traffic through your office VPN tunnel.

Connect To Office Databases

Directly connect local business applications to head office database servers. Ideal for e-mail or SQL databases.

Connect With Mobile Devices

Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets are powerful computing devices that can provide you with truly mobile connectivity to the office network.

Includes Access For Offsite Workers Also

The same secure Site-Site VPN platform that will join your networks together, can also function as a VPN gateway to provide remote or mobile workers with simple transparent access to the entire corporate private network.